food inspection


Many users must have heard of the term “eating verification”.

First of all, if you want to use a private company, you need to thoroughly check the scam.

The Toto site is largely divided due to the eat-and-go verification. It is necessary to thoroughly check the eat-and-go site, partial eat-and-run site, major site , and Toto site to protect the members' money and winning money.

I mentioned that the site is divided into the eat-and-go site, partial eat-and-go site, major site, and toto site due to the eat-and-run verification mentioned above.

I would like to know about this for a moment.

1. What is a scam site?

It is literally a scam site. The common definition of a scam site is a site where members do not receive money exchanged after betting at the company. You must throw it away.

From now on, I will explain a very simple method to verify whether the company you are using is a scam site or not.

1. Domain search and google

All members are trying to prevent scams by doing a Google search these days to see if the company has a history of scams.

However, the current situation is not as accurate as before.

The reason is that there are cases where some malicious users lose money and report that it is a scam site, and there are cases where they manipulate betting history with a photoshop and demand money from the company. For this reason, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of food and drink.

Although our Toto Center does not list any scam sites,
we provide a one-to-one counseling service 24 hours a day when you contact the customer center . Please inquire now and ask if the company you are using has a history of eating or if it is a potential scam site. I will.

2. The work itself is slow and unclear

Let me tell you what this part means.

First of all, to say that the work itself is slow means that the company is new and that the work process is not proficient. It is difficult for such companies to deal with unexpected situations or errors within the company.

In general, these are the cases where the winnings arrive later than other companies, even after winning the bet, or it takes too much time to apply for charging or currency exchange, and when the customer center responds to inquiries late.

These companies are inexperienced in coping with the consolidation agreement (threat on the bankbook) that is being talked about these days. The bankbook is a part directly related to the operation of the Toto site. If the deposit account of the company is blocked due to the consolidation agreement, it is also a part of damage to the members because the members have previously deposited into the account. If the bankbook becomes a problem, the details of the deposits made by the members themselves will also be a problem.
Toto Center examines all these aspects and registers it as a certified company after verification.

3. A company that only handles partial refunds or principal while talking about leaks and manipulation picks

Since these companies are the beginning of a scam site, it is a part that needs to be eradicated through thorough verification of the scam.

Occasionally, fortunately, when applying for currency exchange after winning a series of mini-games, companies that have a history of confiscating their holdings by refusing to exchange money and talking about leaks and manipulations should be excluded.

2. What is a partial eating site?

In a broad sense, it is a scam site, but if you look closely, it is possibly a more dangerous site than a scam site. These dangerous sites can be checked and indexed at any time through the scam verification.

I am saying that partial scam sites are more dangerous because they are exposed to potential scams.

Speaking of partial scam sites, each company has different tendencies, but most of them are sites that take back their holdings while citing the middle class, follow-up, and company regulations.

(What is a middle record or a follow-up? -> Middle record: Special treatment for intermediate hits After record: Special treatment for bets despite the result of the match) If there is a problem with a match placed before the start of a match placed on a major site, it is canceled after processing Members are often notified.

The more companies that do middle or follow-up, the more potential scam sites. If you are using such a company, we recommend that you cancel your membership immediately.

Through eat-and-run verification, it is necessary to thoroughly verify whether the company you are using is not the relevant company.

3. What is a major site ?

It is convenient if you think that the major sites are companies with the opposite tendency.

It is described in detail in the menu section of the major site of Toto Center, but I would like to briefly discuss it here.

1. Replenishment, exchange is fast

2. The rules themselves are simple and clear

3. If there is a problem with the game on which you bet, you will be notified before the game on which you bet.

​Even if you take this big frame and proceed with the eat-and-run verification, the members' holdings and winnings are safe assets.

​※When using a private company, the inspection must be done thoroughly※

Eat and leave proven reliable way


Inspection must be done thoroughly.

Numerous members neglect the verification of food and drink, and there are cases in which they are using the company without knowing what the financial situation of the company being used is, thinking that it will be okay because it is the company they are using.

This is the case if you are later exposed to tacit eat-and-run. In principle, even if you are currently using a company, you should check it regularly to thoroughly prevent eating out.

​It is a desirable way to use our company as well as compare it with other companies. We will always do our best to protect the precious money of our members. At Toto Center, we will always try to cut off scam sites and recommend major sites through direct reporting and periodic data acquisition.

A method of verification that other companies cannot follow

A certified company that has been verified by the Toto Center is registered as a certified company after a Toto Center official uses it directly.

When an advertisement request is received from the Toto site, the
company receives an advertisement fee and is registered as a certified company after a grace period of 2 weeks. After a sufficient review period, the Toto Center officials deposit a minimum deposit of 50 million won.

This is a method that is not applied by other companies and is the first method applied by our Toto Center in Korea.

In this way, I can confidently give you a recommendation. In addition, we will do our best to make Toto life enjoyable for users by preventing pre-eating with the deposit system.

Necessity of eating and drinking verification

The need for verification of food is one of the most requested things when using a private company.

You should use it while monitoring the company you are using on a regular basis.

Doing so will help you avoid being scammed and prevent potential scams.

Therefore, our Toto Center does not recommend any scamming companies due to the periodic data acquisition and the construction of big data based on reports from members.

Those who have been scammed after using the Toto site for the first time , or those who are anxious about the site they are using, if you use our Toto Center certified company, you can use it safely due to the deposit system.

No matter how many times I have said and asked for it, the necessity of verification is not lacking. Now, members must become aware of themselves and thoroughly verify that they are eating and eating, so that countless toto sites will float to the surface and be eradicated. Let's take a look at the necessity of eating and drinking in detail.

1. There is no need to worry about taking a screenshot after betting.

2. A company that has been using it for many years may have turned to a scam site.

Periodically monitor and find out through Google and the Toto Center.

3. Not only sports, but also baccarat, ladders, mini games, etc.

Let's be aware that all private companies can cheat, and conduct a regular check-up.

4. Always check the list of companies that are listed on the eat-and-run list.

5. Toto Community Prevents and prevents damage through verification companies such as Toto Center

As stated in the list above, you must thoroughly check the food and drink, and the fact that another victim does not occur in the future and that no other victims occur means that the member himself/herself will be safe. It's not just a job of eating and drinking, it's a job of all of us.