eat-and-run verification   What was rescued by the company's security deposit

I would like to find out about the relief of the eat-and-run verification company.

​Many Toto sites are running banner advertisements. Among them, the most preferred advertisement is the method of advertising to the eat-and-run verification company.

There are eat-and-run verification companies that operate a deposit deposit system that does not only receive advertising costs.

1. What is the deposit deposit system? It is a system in which a certain amount of deposit is deposited from the Toto site as well as advertising expenses.

2 . This is the part that can compensate the members' winnings and money in full with the deposit received in the first step.

3. Toto Center previously registered as a guarantee company and received a deposit to run advertisements, but the site ran out of money due to a lack of funds. Members who used the Toto site after a code was issued by another eat-and-run verification company were scammed, while using the Toto Center.
Members who signed up for the Toto site may receive full compensation.

4.   Toto Center is a certified company with a minimum deposit of KRW 50 million, so in the event of an unexpected accident, full compensation is possible within the deposit limit.

(Please use a safety eat-and-run verification company that uses a deposit deposit system)

​※You can prevent unexpected accidents by using a certified company that has deposited a deposit at the Toto Center.※