Eat-and-see company   Which company should I choose?

Numerous eat-and-run verification companies By what criteria should we distinguish which is a good eat-and-run verification company?

​Many Toto sites are running banner advertisements. Among them, the most preferred advertisement is the method of advertising to the eat-and-run verification company.

You should use the guarantee company of the Google top exposed company that advertises major sites among numerous certification companies.

1. A safe and good eat-and-run verification company is a company that is exposed to the top keywords.

2 . As mentioned in the first paragraph, companies that are exposed to the top keywords take time and money until they are exposed to the top keywords.

3. In item 2, time and cost are the quality of the company and the pride of the eat-and-run verification company. Top-exposed companies do not receive only advertising fees, and most have a safety device called a deposit system.

4. Our Toto Center is certified companies that have deposited a minimum deposit of KRW 50 million, so in the event of an unexpected accident, full compensation is possible within the deposit limit. (Please use a safety eat-and-run verification company that uses a deposit deposit system)

​※You can prevent unexpected accidents by using a certified company that has deposited a deposit at the Toto Center.※