Major site  

As many of you have probably heard of, you should use the major sites so you don't get scammed. It is very difficult for general members to identify major sites.
Find the major sites have always been byeolttagi the sky.

I heard a user's story. (User ID: only for winning)

After signing up through the live XXX application, I tried to use it, but I lost a little in the beginning, but was lucky for a few days and continued to win. One day, when I applied for a currency exchange after winning a large bill, I got an ID that could not be accessed. I thought there was an error, so I contacted the distributor who issued the code. It is very difficult to find a major site where you can safely exchange members' winnings and money.


As a result of analyzing the operation methods of major sites based on years of know-how, the results are as follows.

1. When applying for currency exchange, the exchange will be completed within 30 minutes at the latest.

2. The rules are simple and clear.

(Even above, in violation of the rules, if you put a nose ring on your nose, if you put it on your ear, it is often confiscated with an earring each.)

3. Customer response itself is quick and quick

4.Even though it has been in operation for many years, there is no history of eating itself (
you must always search for history of eating through Google Ring)

5. Whether it is a company that has completed registration as a certified company through a deposit deposit system with a company with high exposure such as Toto Center

(The deposit system is a system in which a minimum of 50 million won is deposited on a major site and full compensation is paid to members in the event of an unexpected accident.)

​When the above minimum conditions are satisfied, the members' winnings and holding money will be safe.

Domestic major sites like the best safety


​Normal members receive a code from a personal distributor and are tricked into saying that it is a major site, and then use the company without any safety device. Many members personally receive a code from a distributor or recommend an acquaintance. In order to get recommendations, you should at least get a recommendation from a reputable company that has heard the name of the company at least once. That way, there is a way to have a little stabilization device against the risk of being robbed.

But, frankly speaking, these safeguards are meaningless.

Even if you ask the distributor or individual user who issued the code after being ripped off, it is easy to come back with a nonsensical answer, either ignorantly or inconsistent with the rules. .

As mentioned above, distributors who personally issue codes are always exposed to the risk of being robbed. All companies and distributors are exposed to the risk of eating out. This is an undeniable fact. The stories we where recommended safe always do this, but film you meoktu occurs, who is responsible is not even a single one. So in our Toto center left made separately stabilizer to deposit deposit system validation eat and leave after certification company I am registering.

Individual distributors do not have a separate safety device like the Toto Community Toto Center. This is the same story as saying that you can be eaten up anytime soon. "Ah, I'm a small person, so I'm going to get it" This kind of thinking is too dangerous and easy. The moment you become dull with this kind of thinking, you are exposed to the risk of being eaten.

​The major sites recommended by our Toto Center are safely recommended with a deposit system, so you can use them with confidence.

​It is a desirable way to use our company as well as compare it with other companies. We will always do our best to protect the precious money of our members. At Toto Center, we will always try to cut off scam sites and recommend major sites through direct reporting and periodic data acquisition.

Major site How to Use


​There are cases in which numerous companies register with a certified company only for advertising costs and make recommendations without using it themselves.

This is the same as recommending to others that a food you have never tried is delicious.

However, most of the major sites recommended by Toto Center are directly registered by Toto Center officials after using them.

As mentioned above, there is no safe way to use major sites unless you are operating them yourself.

However, it can be safely protected by the safety device.

Those who use a certified company recommended by our Toto Center can use the major site safely.

Why? All of the recommended major sites have a minimum deposit of 50 million won in the deposit deposit system, so we have eradicated the eat-and-run on the major sites recommended by the Toto Center.

​A few months ago, we recommended the same major site as our Toto Center and other eat-and-run verification companies, but this major site had to go ahead with the eat-out due to the limited financial power. Although other eat-and-run verification companies did not operate a deposit system, our Toto Center was able to keep users' money safely due to the deposit system.

If you sign up for a major site recommended by Toto Center, 100% of the damage is refunded.

Please use the major sites recommended by the Toto Center safely, and if there is a problem, please inform the customer center through the customer center.