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Many users who are new to the Toto site place soccer bets on sports betting.

This is not only a sport that is familiar to us, but also has the highest number of matches, high interest since the 2002 World Cup, etc.

Many people place bets on soccer for various reasons.

Unlike volleyball and basketball, soccer betting has a variable called nothing, so many people lose the lottery.

But if we analyze it a little differently and look at it from a slightly different point of view,

Unlike volleyball and basketball, you can conquer soccer, which is a high-paying sport.

It is organized in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners, so if you already know the contents,

Thank you for reading lightly.

A soccer game is a ball game in which 11 players participate in a team and handle the ball with any part of the body except for the hands.

A team of 1 goalkeeper and 10 field players plays the game.

Regular time runs for 45 minutes each.

Additional time exists at the discretion of the referee for each half of the game.

In reality, more than 90 minutes Each game takes more than 90 minutes.

There is usually a 15-minute break between the first half and the second half.

There is no overtime in season matches, and overtime is conducted when it is absolutely necessary to win or lose in a cup or tournament.

(Usually in private Toto it does not reflect the economic results add up to extra-time)

Handy and Underover betting events without a draw if there is a draw

It is true that the odds of winning are lower than in games without a draw, such as basketball and volleyball.

Soccer is a sport where you can bet 365 days a year.

Baseball, basketball, and volleyball are sports that can be placed on bets only during the season.

If you understand the analysis method, it is a stock that can make a profit within a year.

Then, I will show you how to analyze overseas soccer that is basic but overlooked by many people.

1. Be sure to check the starting list and the injured list when betting overseas!

"Would you like to place a bet if Barcelona has no mesh?"

It's a bit extreme, but if the team's key player doesn't play today

Do I really need to bet on that team?

I think the starting list is more important than anything else in soccer, where there is a draw.

However, I have often seen many people lose their bets by only looking at the team's ranking and the team's reputation.

Make sure to check 10 minutes before the game starts to increase your chances of winning.

(Click to go to Toto Community, where you can check the selection list)

2. Be sure to check the recent record between the two teams and the last match.

If you check the opponents of the two teams over the past few years, you can see the wins and losses of that match.

No matter how strong a team is, there are times when they show a particularly weak side to that team.

In this case, I think you can bet boldly on the reverse bet.

The soccer ball is round. There is a saying, even a relatively weak team has the advantage of being a home and

If you've beaten that team over the past few years, you'll play confidently.

3. Bet on the home team.

The sport called soccer is a sport in which the strength and weakness of the home, away home team and away team are prominently displayed.

If you are a sports star, there are certain parts that you naturally want to show off in front of your home team's crowd.

But apart from that, there's a nuance of home advantage in football.

This means that the umpires give a favorable decision to the home team.

If you've watched soccer, you've probably experienced this feeling at least once.

A typical example would be Korea, the host country of the 2002 World Cup.

And in overseas soccer, home and away travel distances are considerable.

This is a condition that not only accumulates fatigue for the away team, but also deteriorates physical condition.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, I would recommend that you place your bets on the home team.

4. Don't look for the regular dividend too much, and use the reverse dividend and handicap daringly.

In sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball, there is a normal dividend and a reverse dividend. (More detailed in other content, click to move)

Is a regular dividend really safe?

Based on the above, you must be able to bet on the reverse bet boldly to make a profit.

If it is burdensome to go to the reverse boat, it would be a good way to approach the handicap more safely.

This betting method is recommended only if the team that received the reverse dividend is the home team.

In overseas soccer, there are cases in which dividends move from reverse to forward and from forward to reverse before the start of the game.

The best way to place bets is to check the starting list and dividends 30 minutes before the start of the game.

5. Avoid using multiple folders

Since it is a betting event with a draw, multifold betting will increase the odds but lower the hit rate.

Two-fold and three-fold bets are the best.

It is a wise choice to increase the bet amount rather than increase the number of bet folders.

6. Let's find your own analysis method by making frequent virtual bets

It's not about constantly betting because it's too often aesthetically pleasing.

After my own analysis, I placed a virtual bet and this analysis was correct. That analysis was correct.

​Finding your own analysis method is the most important analysis method.

It is a law that requires a cool gaze.

7. Stop betting early and late in the season and let's look at the team's motivation

In the case of the beginning of the season, even if the team that showed strong performance last season

A number of circumstances may change, such as signing new players and coaching new coaches.

Early in the season, it's a good analysis to know what the season is like.

In the case of the second half of the season, there are many cases where the outlines of the teams promoted to Division 2 and relegated from Division 1 are often not clear.

In this case, even a weak team can create tremendous synergy to stay in the first division.

In most cases, motivation is low for a team that has already confirmed to remain in the 1st division.

Some of you may be asking if motivation is so important.

But we already saw the motivation at the 2002 World Cup.

In the case of football season, there are various motivations such as advancing to the Champions League, advancing to the Europa, promotion, relegation, etc.

If you understand this part well, betting will definitely help.

"Finding your own method is what creates a high hit rate."