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When using the Toto site, many people start with soccer betting, but

There's nothing like betting on professional baseball to increase your odds of winning.

This article is written for beginners, so if you say you are confident in betting, I would appreciate it if you could read it for fun.

It is no exaggeration to say that professional baseball is one of the most active sports in Korea.

There are various factors such as a large number of spectators and many sports stars.

Despite a lot of interest, friendly starting pitchers, friendly team names, cheering teams, etc.

There are many cases where you lose the lottery when placing bets for various reasons.

​Let's take a look at baseball, a betting sport that can give you a high win rate if you approach it a little calmly.

Unlike soccer and hockey, baseball betting has no variable.

This means that betting users can increase their odds of winning.

However, the payouts are lower than soccer and hockey without radish.

Many people lose the lottery because of the unreasonable Mahan bet.

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Let's see what baseball is and how to bet safely to win.

A baseball game is a game in which nine players participate in one team, and two teams compete for victory and defeat by alternately attacking and defending nine times each.

On the attacking side, if the opposing pitcher hits the ball thrown by the bat and returns to the home after returning to 1st, 2nd and 3rd base, 1 point is awarded

The team with the most points wins.

One pitcher, four infielders, one catcher, and three outfielders play.

There is no regular time, and in the case of major leagues, before the corona crisis, games were played until a match was reached.

These days, it is a match-and-match approach to determine the winner of a match.

In the regular season, domestic and Japanese professional baseball usually has a maximum of 12 innings, and if there is no match, it will be treated as a draw.

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There is no overtime in season matches, and overtime is played when a win-loss match is absolutely necessary in a tournament.

If the second attack team Away The home team is listed first and the end of the attack the most.

Since there is no draw in baseball, many people place bets on full hand, mahan, under, and over.

In the case of a win or loss, the dividend is often low, so many people approach it with a handicap or under-over.

1. Be sure to check the list of starting pitchers and batters when betting on baseball!

"Would you like to place a bet if Barcelona has no mesh?"

I always told you about precautions when betting on soccer.

That's why it's so important to check the starting list when betting on sports.

As the saying goes, "Baseball is a pitcher's game".

Checking the starting pitcher roster is too important.

The points to be considered when analyzing after checking the starting pitcher are as follows.

The starting pitcher's overall ERA

Relative ERA between the starting pitcher and the opposing batter

Ratio of strikeouts and walks per inning (the higher the strikeout ratio, the better the pitcher)

So, can we only consider starting pitchers? Typing is also important.

No matter how well the starting pitcher throws the ball, it is meaningless if the batters can't attack the opposing pitcher.

If a team's top hitter in home runs and slugging percentage is missing due to an injury, that team's bet should be considered.

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2. Be sure to check the recent record of the opponents and the recent match between the two teams.

If you check the opponents of the two teams over the past few years, you can see the wins and losses of that match.

No matter how strong a team is, there are times when they show a particularly weak side to that team.

In the case of baseball sports, I think that the last team can catch the first team.

3. Avoid excessive Mahhan betting.

In baseball, the odds of winning and losing are often too low for relatively strong teams.

The team of Jeong Baedang has an advantage in starting pitchers and batters.

In this case, the odds are too small to bet on win or lose because I think this team will win.

-1.5 Handy mahan often goes.

-1.5 In the case of a handicap, the winning team must win by 2 points.

As the difference between winning and losing dividends is from 0.3 dividends to 0.8 dividends as much as the difference between winning and losing dividends.

Many betting users are deceived.

It is true that the starting pitcher is important in baseball, but it is uncertain whether the starting pitcher can start up to the 9th inning.

You need to look at the skills of the middle pitcher and the closing pitcher to be able to place a Mahhan bet safely.

Let's take a step closer to winning by checking the ability and injury status of the team's midfielders and closing pitchers when betting on Mahan.

Also, please note that Mahan betting will be lost if it ends in a draw, just like in domestic professional baseball.

4. Avoid horse attacking team (home team) when betting on Mahan

When betting on Mahan, the word attacking team means damage. In baseball, the ball is played alternately over 9 innings.

However, if the horse attacking team is winning by one point until the beginning of the 9th inning

Since horse attacks are meaningless in winning or losing, the game is not played any more.

It ends in the 9th inning. That's why we say, "Avoid betting on horse attack teams."

If the team can maintain the lead by 2 points until the end of the 8th inning, bet boldly!

5. Mahan + Over, Full Hand + Under

Ordinary people use mahan + under, fullhand + over when playing baseball combinations.

There are many people who bet like this.

This is a bet that lowers the odds relatively.

For example, let's say that Lotte and Samsung are playing a match, and the reference point for the match is as follows.

Lotte -1.5 Samsung

Unover threshold 7.5 points

As I said above, when you go Lotte Mahan, you have to win by 2 points or more in order to win.

But if you go to Mahan + Under

If the score of the match is 4 points for Lotte and 3 points for Samsung until the 7th inning

When combining under mahan, the condition of mahan is not met.

If Lotte adds one more point, the condition of under is not met.

Based on this standard, Mahan + Over is a probabilistically advantageous bet.

In case of overbetting on the playhand

Because the team that received the free hand reference point is relatively weaker than the team that received the Mah hand.

Get a freehand. A weak team means that the team is less likely to score than the team that received the mahan.

Are the odds higher than a full hand + over bet, a full hand + under bet?

6. If the super attacking team has relatively higher power than the horse attacking team, bet over.

In other words, as described above,

In baseball, if the horse attacking team is winning before the beginning of the ninth inning, if the team is winning by the end of the ninth inning

No attack at the end of the 9th. 'Cause it's already better

So, let's consider betting on over when the super attacking team outperforms the horse attacking team.

If you could increase your odds of winning even a little, wouldn't it be worth considering?

7. Forget the test results and place bets.

In the case of baseball, each team plays a practice game before the season starts.

Teams that showed good performances during the demonstration game and had a high win rate

They often lose in a row during the season.

It's better not to rely solely on the performance of the demonstration matches, but to see how they perform at the beginning of the season.

“It’s important to watch a lot of sporting events and do your own analysis.”