toto community   How to select a company and what is a good Toto community

How to select a Toto community company and why you should choose a good Toto community.

​Many Toto sites, that is, private Toto companies, are conducting advertisements by recruiting users through banners and distributors.
Among them, the most preferred advertisement is the method of advertising to the eat-and-run verification company and the Toto community.

There is a Toto community company that operates a security deposit system in addition to receiving only advertising costs.

However, among these Toto community companies, there are many companies that cannot compensate for the bad Toto community companies, that is, the damage that users are most worried about.

Many users use the Toto community and eat-and-run verification companies to select safe Toto sites and private Toto companies.

If the Toto site, the Toto community selected to select the private Toto company, and the eat-and-run verification company itself are defective, it is impossible to select a safe Toto site and a private Toto company.

What is a safe Toto community, a food-and-run verification company?

1. Carefully look at the bulletin board operated by the Toto community.

(If there are a lot of public relations promotions and unrelated posts on the bulletin board that members can write in the Toto community, the company is not managed and often brings bad results.)

2 . Check if there is a system that can compensate for the deposit and damage caused by eating out.

3.   Our Toto Center is a major site certified company among Toto sites that have a minimum deposit of 50 million won, so in the event of an unexpected accident, full compensation is possible within the deposit limit.

(Please use a safety fraud verification company that uses a deposit deposit system)

​※If you use a certified company that has deposited a deposit at the Toto Center, you can prevent unexpected accidents.※