toto site   Is the account issued by the company secure?

Is the account issued when using the Toto site safe? I would like to know about

​The accounts that many Toto sites issue to their members to receive deposits are not secure.

This is because private Toto, the Toto site itself, is illegal in Korea, and operating it itself is illegal.

Therefore, the Toto site uses the Daepo account to receive deposits from members.

I don't know where these cannon accounts were used, and would it be safe for members to deposit money into these accounts?

However, at Toto Center, we would like to explain the types of companies that issue safe accounts with years of know-how.

1. The new deposit account is a Toto site that issues a virtual account.

(Due to the nature of the Toto site, which is always exposed to the problem of consolidation, it is recommended for existing users to issue a safe new member virtual account. Users who are using consolidation must be careful as it harms users. )

2 . Check whether the issued account changes frequently

3.   Our Toto Center is a major site certified company among Toto sites that have a minimum deposit of 50 million won, so in the event of an unexpected accident, full compensation is possible within the deposit limit.

(Please use a safety fraud verification company that uses a deposit deposit system)

​※If you use a certified company that has deposited a deposit at the Toto Center, you can prevent unexpected accidents.※