Toto site replenishment, currency exchange
What are the precautions?

The first thing to do to use betting after joining the Toto site is to inquire about your account.

In order to make a deposit, you must contact your account.

However, for first-time users, how to inquire about an account?

Many people do not know how to deposit money into an account.

We would appreciate it if you could read it for fun or just use it as a reference for users who are already using it.

※ Notes on deposit ※

1. Account inquiry

Ordinary Toto sites ask you to apply for a deposit after making a deposit in advance after always inquiring about the account through bulletin board regulations or a full message.

In other words, due to the characteristics of the Toto site, if the deposit account itself changes frequently and deposits are made to the previous account

In many cases, you cannot get it back.

2. After inquiring about the account, check whether the deposit application amount and the deposit amount match

The following is one of the reports that came to the Toto Center.

User A deposits 100,000 won on site B and applies for deposit of 1 million won on site B.

Toto site, which was not aware of this fact, accepted the charge request.

However, user A continued to place bets, and the Toto site noticed this when user A exchanged money.

The exchange was processed by applying a bet dividend of 100,000 won to the existing deposit amount.

Afterwards, user A said that site B was devoured.

Site B also registered this member as a black user, so it was difficult for user A to join the Toto site.

3. Points to note when using the virtual account issuance Toto site

These days, there are many malicious users who make it difficult to operate the Toto site called Consolidation.

As a result, there have been many Toto sites that issue virtual accounts.

When depositing to a virtual account, when using a simple transfer system such as toss or ATM deposit, a deposit confirmation must be provided.

I heard. Please be careful when using it.

※ Notes on currency exchange ※

1. Check the amount of money exchanged once per day, during the time you can apply for exchange

Each Toto site is slightly different, but the time that can be exchanged, the daily exchange amount, and the one-time exchange amount are set.

Please check the time available for exchange so that you do not have any problems making a betting plan.

2. After applying for currency exchange, check the time to complete the exchange

This may be the most basic measure for identifying potential scam sites.

If the exchange time is too late for a day or so, it can be ok

If this is the case when exchanging large amounts of money, or if the number of exchanges of the user increases, there is no choice but to be anxious.

How did the user exchange money on the Toto site after applying for currency exchange?

In most cases, it is a betting check.

If the exchange is canceled or a message related to the betting history arrives before the exchange is completed,

We recommend that you stop using it.