Toto site distributor
How do you do it?
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If you enjoy Sports Toto, you must have heard of and experienced the Toto site exclusive distributor.

What is Toto Site Distributor?

Distributor who recruits users and receives a portion of the amount that users lose, aka Jukjang Distributor

Rolling distributor who measures the percentage of the amount played by users

It can be broadly classified into two types.

In the case of Jukjang Distributor, users want to die, but in the case of Rolling Distributor, users want to bet a large amount.

In general, in the case of the initial start-up Jukjang distributor

I've seen people who get up to 65% of what users lose, starting with 30%.

In the case of rolling distributors, it is said that they receive payment in various forms such as 0.01% to 3% of the rolling payment.

According to the size of the distributor, that is, the members who manage it, the results of the coverage were found to be different.

In the case of the so-called leading distributors and grand distributors (deputy headquarters), numerous sub-distributors are recruited and managed under the

Most of the sub-distributors are recruiting members.

In the case of major distributors, they have the title of sub-headquarters and receive a commission of up to 65%.

30% to 40% is paid to the sub-distributors below, and when the sub-distributors are profitable

It appeared in the form of receiving a difference of 25%.

So, how can I be successful as a distributor?

1. Use the Live Score APP

The Live Score APP application strictly prohibits exclusive sales, but

Anyone who has used it will know that it is openly recruiting and managing members.

2. Use of the online Toto community

There are several ways to recruit using the online Toto community, such as named, live score, bepic, and score game.

This is a case in which the online Toto community is introduced by each community's own method.

These Toto communities have rules for each site, and they say that they must follow these rules.

There are places that only have content related to mini-games, such as Bepick or Named Live Score game.

There are also sports games, so you can check them out through the link below.

(Move when you click on the online community list)

3. How to use Naver cafes, blogs, or SNS

In the case of how to use Naver cafes or blogs, you can update sports game analysis articles or related information.

Rather than using the online Toto community that recruits mini-game users as a method of influencing people who read articles,

A lot of time and effort is invested.

If you have extensive knowledge about sports, if you share your various betting know-how with Toto users

Wouldn't it be possible to recruit many users?

4. How to promote through text message and TM

If you have used the Toto site at least once, you must have received dozens of text messages and phone calls a day.

"Please use our Toto site once" and "Please use our playground once".

In this case, it is a case of sending a phone call or text message using the user's DB, that is, the database membership information.

The DB of the Toto site used before is being shared for various reasons such as hacking or sales.

​This is a way to promote by calling users' phone numbers through the DB.

※ Distributor activity itself is illegal and speculative, etc.

You may be subject to legal penalties for a number of reasons. ※