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Reasons for recommending the Champions League

Subscription code AAAA

When you sign up for a new account, 20% off your first subscription

15% of the sudden charge event

15% surprise charging event for existing members benefits

Champions Sports Game Status

Sports high dividend site as a single reference point

Champions Mini Game Status

BET365 virtual soccer, BET365 Gaegyeongju, powerball game, power ladder, keno ladder

mini game high dividend site


31 real casinos (31 types including Micro, Taisan, Oriental, Asia Gaming, Evolution, etc.)

Champions League Rules and Specials

Among sports and 31 real casino services

​We have a Korean address, so you can find an accessible address at any time in case you lose your address

Various events in progress

Mini-game winning streak / losing streak event

5% of the bet amount paid at the baseball event Sepol or higher

Attendance / Payroll Event

Match the Champions League winners, match the top scorer, etc.

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