toto site   Part 2 of basic terms you need to know when using betting

If you really know the very basic terms when entering the Toto site, there may be a little more in-depth part than the first part.

If you are already using it and know the contents, we would appreciate it if you could read it for fun.

The purpose of writing this article is that it was written mainly for beginners who did not know anything about the Toto site.

Please note that there is no inconvenience in using it.

Slang and abbreviations used when using Totosite sports betting

1. W D L

It refers to the most basic sports betting and literally means

When teams A and B play a match, there is a win or a draw and a loss, so it is called a win or loss for short.

However, there are no draws in the match, so please bet with this in mind.

2. Unover

It is a betting method that matches whether the score of all sports is under or over. A method that is calculated based on a reference point arbitrarily set by the Toto site.

EX) Base point 6.5 If the final combined score of Team A and Team B is 5 points, under treatment

3. Handicap

Team A and Team B play a game. However, both cannot have the same strength. If Team B has a higher strength than Team A, Team B will not be in the traditional win-lose system.

How points or hand caps for each set are given and processed

4. Mahan, Plehan

You can think of it as an in-depth part of the handicap I explained in #3.

To put it simply, mahan and playhan describe handicap in detail.

EX) In the game of Team A and Team B, if Team A has a higher subjective power, it will receive a Mah hand.

Everything refers to home team standards.

Team A 1 .5 (reference point) Team B

Team A, Team B, Mahan

Team A -1 .5 (reference point) Team B

Team A Mahan Team B Plehan

5. First 3, first letter, first 2, first 7, first ball, etc.

This part is the language for basketball betting

The first three is the team that made the first three-point shot The first one is the team that made the first free throw

In the case of first 2, first 5, first 7, etc., it means the team that scored the first score by 2, 5, or 7 points first.

The first ball is a term that corresponds to baseball, and the team that walks to base for the first time wins.

6 . Insurance betting, congratulatory betting

In the case of insurance betting, it is easy to talk about if you bet on Team A wins assuming soccer betting.

It is a bet so that team A wins in case of a draw by placing a bet even on a draw.

In the case of congratulatory bets, when betting on Team A, it refers to betting on Team B and Team C, including Team A in another betting folder.

6 . Forward, reverse, peer, shit dividend

In the case of a match, it refers to the one who received the lower dividend in the match between Team A and Team B.

Reversal refers to the side who received the higher payout in the match between Team A and Team B.

In the case of peers, this refers to when team A and team B received the same or similar dividends.

In the case of shit dividend, it usually refers to a dividend of 1.30 or less, and if it is 1.30 or less, the bonus dividend is paid on most Toto sites.

It is not tied, so I hope that it will help you in your betting life.

7 . single folder, multifolder

However, in the case of folders, we are talking about a case where you bet less than 2 folders or only one folder.

If all folders are the same, it is a word that is used when combining 3 or more folders.

​If you have any additional questions, please contact the customer center and we will be happy to advise you.

7 . Red Special (Hit Special)

It is an abbreviation for saying that a hit is special due to the nature of the Toto site, which does not lose the bet amount when it is hit.

By treating special hits when betting on baseball, basketball, and matches where there is no draw or draw in the same win/loss betting column

It is a system that returns the user's bet amount.

In case of multi-folder bets, the folder that contains bets that have been processed will be displayed when other bets are won or processed.

If the bet x dividend for the folder or all bets are hit, you can get your bet back.