toto site   Basic terminology you need to know

Those who are new to the Toto site are unfamiliar with the Toto site itself.

Even the basic terms (slang) used within the site or between users are difficult in some cases, making it inconvenient to use.

How much worse would it be if you were invited to a group chat room to receive picks run by the distributors, but only use terms you don't know?

This article is written for those who are already using it or are familiar with the content.

Thanks for reading for fun.

First, it is a basic term (slang) that is often heard and used when using the Toto site.

1. the first

The amount charged for the first time on the same day as the amount charged for the first time on the same day

2. First charge point

Usually, Toto sites convert 5 to 30% or more of the first charge for the first time, and can be used like cash within the Toto site.

It pays you points.

3. Hawk

Talks about the amount of the second charge after the first charge on the day.

4. Each point

Like the first charge point, it is a point given each time you charge.

5. Sudden Point (Screw Charge = Crash)

Occasionally, it is an event that sets a time on the Toto site or pays points to the amount charged on the day.

often pay a lot. In some cases, guidance is provided by text message, and in other cases, guidance is provided through a message within the Toto site.

6 . Virtual Account

These days, when there is a lot of consolidation, it is an account that is usually issued to new members by renting an account from the Toto site.

Account numbers change dozens of times a day, so if you use the Toto site that issues virtual accounts, you must inquire about the account before using it.

You may not be penalized. Usually, if the account number changes and you deposit money into an existing account, you may not be able to get your money back.