Toto site account purchase that conspirators talk about
Is it really safe?

The content we are going to learn today is an article written based on information reported by a certain user.

This article is written to prevent damage to other users who use Toto Center.

Please read it carefully and prevent it from being harmed.

I've briefly discussed consolidation in the content before.

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The former conspirators infiltrated the Toto site pretending to be members and were issued the Toto site account.

They threatened me with a bankbook and asked for money.

However, these days, as the number of Toto sites using virtual accounts increases, conspirators

At the same time as I can no longer threaten the bankbook

In some cases, a sentence of imprisonment for threatening a bank account

There are many reasons for not being willing to go out.

Nevertheless, some conspirators

I am asking for money.

Because of such a method, good users are being harmed, and various reports are coming in, so what kind of method is it?

I would like to discuss it.

1. "I buy an account issued by the Toto site"

You must have seen many articles like this in various Toto communities.

For details, for example

"No IBK, no local banks. No accounts on sites that issue virtual accounts."

Various conditions are attached, such as "Must have a messenger on the site"

When giving a screenshot of the account issued in the Toto site to the user based on these conditions

They say it will cost you between 20,000 and 3,000. (In some cases, you may purchase an ID with a history of using the Toto site.)

Based on this screenshot, they find out the company's account and threaten the bankbook and demand money.

However, there are cases where the bankbook blackmailers who have already received the screenshot do not pay the user.

The bankbook blackmailers transfer the account that they found out after reaching an agreement with the Toto site.

In this process, the nickname and identity of the user who sold the account will be revealed.

The user will be blacked out on the entire Toto site and will no longer be able to use it.

And because threatening a bankbook is a serious crime, it is a serious crime.

2. "We are looking for people who have used the Toto site."

The above article is slightly different from the article about buying an account only.

It is a word that means that money is given upon agreement only to members who have a history of use on the Toto site.

Bankbook threat is a method of demanding money and threatening to send money to the account by saying, "I sent money incorrectly."

Bankbook blackmailers also threaten with the risk of false reporting.

As in the title above, users who have used the Toto site

In fact, to use the Toto site, it takes advantage of the fact that there is a history of depositing into the account.

The bankbook blackmailer "sent money to this account by mistake", "voice phishing account", etc.

False reports are made using users who have actually used the Toto site.

In this case, users are deceived with various words such as "I will give you my money if you receive the settlement money after threatening the bankbook".

That is why users believe only the words of the bankbook blackmailer and report to the police as they are told.

After that, if no agreement is reached and only the police report is received, only the user will receive legal punishment for false reporting.

​The user who sold the account and the bankbook blackmailer must have only contacted via Telegram.

Account sales, Toto site usage history ID sales, etc.

If you are associated with a blackmailer for a number of reasons, you could be involved in a crime!

​Actually, some of the above were written through reports from users and actually happened.

Toto Center users are writing this in the hope that they will not be harmed.

​Always be careful, and if you want various information,
please contact the 24-hour customer center and we will be happy to help you.