Baseball sports betting special first walk
Let's increase the hit rate!

If you enjoy Toto Site Sports Toto, you can place your first walk bet in the special betting menu.

I think you've seen it at least once.

The hit condition for the first walk is to bet on the team that has a batter who has reached base for the first walk.

Sand dunes (dead balls that fit the body) are not included.

Only getting 4 balls from the pitcher's pitch and getting to base count as a hit.

If there is a way to increase the hit rate of a walk bet, which was left only to luck, why not try it?

First of all, as the first method to increase the first walk hit rate, it is advantageous to bet on the first team, that is, the super attacking team.

If it is a super attack, not only do they try to attack first, but normal pitchers are unstable at the beginning of the game.

It is often visible. And it would be advantageous in order to bet on the super attacking team rather than the horse attack.

Next, look at the WHIP metric, which is the percentage of hits and walks per inning allowed by starting pitchers.

Although it is an objective number, it is the sum of hits and walks allowed.

It is advantageous to refer to the walk count allowed up to the game just before the pitched inning.

These materials can be viewed only by visiting the KBO official website.

It is also a good way to refer to the number of strikeouts, which is an indicator of a pitcher's control.

Not all pitchers throw the ball to strikeout, but is this player a strikeout pitcher?

Or, depending on whether the pitcher catches the ball, the allowable walk rate will vary.

A pitcher who likes to strikeout is a pitcher with good control and will not naturally tolerate walks.

Therefore, there is a condition to avoid betting. Here is a brief summary of what we have learned so far.

1. Check the WHIP Index, which is your on-base percentage per inning.

2. Check the number of pitched innings and walks thrown.

3. Check the starting pitcher's control (ratio of strikeouts per inning) of the team that is going to walk.

4. A super attack is more advantageous than a horse attack (that is, the away team has an advantage)

There are many different analysis methods, but I have shared one of them.

​In addition, if you have a good analysis method or if you have any
questions, please contact us through the Toto Center Customer Center and we will respond kindly.