Sports Toto Highest Odds Ice Hockey method

You must have seen ice hockey among the many sports betting events on the Toto site.

If many people usually approach sports betting with soccer, domestic basketball, or volleyball, ice hockey is a domestic league.

It is an unfamiliar sport because it is not widely active.

However, it has a higher dividend than other sports and I think those who bet on sports at least once would have been interested.

So, let's take a brief look at what ice hockey is.

6 players per team, total of 12 players on the ice rink

One goalkeeper, two defenders and three attackers form a team.

However, it is a sport that consumes a lot of stamina, so 22 players are required for a team.

Regular time consists of a total of 3 periods.

Each period runs for 20 minutes.

There is a 15-minute break between periods.

Just like in football, there is a draw, but also differently in season matches there are overtime.

(Usually in private Toto it does not reflect the economic results add up to extra-time)

If there is a draw, it is true that the probability of winning is lower than in Handy and Underover Basketball without a draw.

However, ice hockey is a high dividend, so I think it is worth analyzing and aiming for.

Now, I will explain a simple analysis method.

1. In ice hockey, you must check the goalie.

Be sure to check the starting list of the flower goalie (goalkeeper) of ice hockey and place your bets.

In ice hockey, the goalie is half the team's strength.

Let's make a bet after checking how the goalie on today's starting list has recently shown against the opposing team.

If today's starting goalie has always been weak to the opposing team, you can approach it with under or over.

2. Be sure to check the recent record between the two teams.

Ice hockey is just like soccer, and there are natural enemies.

It is essential to check the recent record with the opposing team.

3. Check home and away carefully.

There are people who say that there is no distinction between home and away in ice hockey, but there is a saying that even a mutt eats 50% of his house.

If possible, it would be better to bet on the home team, right?

4. Check the latest match date.

You need to check the latest match date of the team you want to bet on.

This means the players' rest time, and the players who have had enough rest are more likely to be in good shape.

Even a slightly different approach may not be detrimental.

This is a site where you can check everything such as the selection list and recent match records.

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"Only thorough analysis can increase your hit rate"