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Hello, Today's content is about various live games such as mini games, such as ladders, bridges, lotus games, and baccarat games.

We are going to find out.

​Many Toto sites register various live games and mini games in addition to sports Toto betting and allow users to use them.

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The games that many users come across easily must have been ladder and bridge games.

This is a game made on a site called Naim, which was used by many users in the early days, but the reality is that no one is using it anymore due to manipulation.

So are other minigames and live games safe?

Among other mini games, there are lotus baccarat game, crown game, bet east soccer game, etc.

Among them, lotus and crown games are being heard by paying video fees to the relevant companies and registering them on the Toto site.

It is true that there is still no clear reality that can be seen with the naked eye.

But recently, a soccer game called Bet East was rigged and caused a lot of controversy.

So, is it better not to use live games? Some of you may ask.

So, we have collected the methods of use and precautions to be taken when using Toto Center.

1. Enjoy the mini-games and live games slowly with a small amount.

2 . Don't just play one game too much, try using a variety of mini-games.

3. Mini-games are the most common, so start by searching the Toto site to see if it has a history of eating out.

4. Use a Toto community company that has a deposit system. Use the Toto site.

5.   Our Toto Center is a major site certified company among Toto sites that have a minimum deposit of 50 million won, so in the event of an unexpected accident, full compensation is possible within the deposit limit.

(Please use a safety fraud verification company that uses a deposit deposit system)

​※If you use a certified company that has deposited a deposit at the Toto Center, you can prevent unexpected accidents.※