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The reality of manipulation picks and leaked picks

If you are a fan of the Toto site mini-game, you must have seen this article at least once.

"We sell leaked and manipulated picks. Deferred payment system, etc."

These days, many people say that they suffer from this type of scam a lot, and reports from people who have been victimized are continuing.

I have been writing less.

I say it out loud. No leaks and manipulations exist in Powerball games.

Even if there are manipulations and leaks, it's only a card, and normal users like us can't get it.

It is impossible to contact people who have such picks themselves.

You must have heard a lot of stories about named (ladders, bridges, etc.) being manipulated in the past.

That's right, this is a fact that everyone who knows as a reality knows,

Balance betting, pushing, etc. are all derived from named.

This is happening because too many people are involved in the manipulation, know it, and have easy access to it.

Would a company that service Powerball games come up with leaked picks after seeing these things?

Since everything is done by humans, I can't guarantee that it won't be 100%, but regular users like us can't get 99.9% of it.


Don't be deceived by the scammers anymore. If there are leaked picks, the scammers can make money by betting directly.

Why would you sell a pick for money?

Even a slightly different approach may not be detrimental.

"100% post-payment system for operation picks, etc."

Please do not be fooled!

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