major site   What's the difference between a cheat sheet and a sheet of paper?

What we need to know is how to differentiate between scam sites and major sites, which seems to be easy, but it is difficult and sensitive.

​Toto sites are broadly divided into scam sites and major sites.

First, let's talk about scam sites.

A scam site refers to a member's winnings being confiscated and partial extortion, i.e., when the winnings and retained money are requested to be exchanged, the exchange is not performed properly and the withdrawal is processed.

These scam sites always show early signs. Let's take a look at the initial signs in order.

1. Responses to account inquiries after registration are delayed.

2 . When depositing to the account received after inquiring, the Toto site where the holding money arrives late after applying for recharging

3. A Toto site that suddenly makes excuses such as “There is a problem with the market” or “I am replacing the currency exchange booth” while using it.

4. Toto site where the deposit time exceeds 1 hour after applying for currency exchange to the member's account

※ If you are using the Toto site listed above, we recommend that you immediately withdraw from it※

In the case of a completely safe Toto site, the Toto site is the opposite of the above. Our Toto Center is receiving a certified company after using it directly, so please use a safe Toto Center certified company.