Dozens of reports of scams on the Toto site every day
Is everything true?
How do I report it?

When using the Toto site, the number one concern of users is

Wouldn't this place be messed up? Is there a prey? is.

That's why many people get advice from places like the Toto Community Toto Center and check them out.

The reason I am writing this article today is because there is a sad story.

Would you believe if there is a maliciously made false report out of the dozens of scams and reports that occur every day?

※ Type of scam report ※

1. Text-only type

There are several verification companies that report scams. Among them, Sureman is by far the best.

In almost all verification companies, there are cases where Sureman parses the posts that they report as being arrested for reporting a scam site.


"It's a scam on site A. After depositing 100,000 won, you won't be charged."

When you write something like this on Sureman, it will spread to other eat-and-run verification communities in an instant.

Therefore, site A becomes a complete scam site.

Of course, a report that only exists in text does not mean that it is a false report.

But these days, in a situation that requires various things such as deposit details, betting details, etc.

This is a story that is less credible than other articles.

2. Deposit history, bet history, and currency exchange application history exist

By far, we can say that we have everything in the report.

Deposit history and bet history Currency exchange request history after winning a bet

In many cases, a screenshot of which ID is not logged in is attached.

In this case, many people have confidence in the report.

3. False Reports Made with Photoshop

This is one of the saddest false reports you can see in today's title.

In this case, in order to make the report reliable

After creating various things such as deposit history, betting history, log-in history, etc. through Photoshop

In case of reporting. It's not a lot, but some scam reports have figured this out.

The reason for doing this is to request money from the Toto site for such a scam report.

"We posted a scam. Please give us a settlement before this post becomes parsing."

This is a real thing, and it still happens frequently.

From the point of view of the Toto site, if the article is parsed, it will become a scam site.

In fact, to borrow the words of a Toto site official,

"90% of the gossip posts on Sureman right now, and more than that are written by ambidextrous people."

Both parties violate the Toto site rules and should not be used when using the site.

People who report that they lost a lot of money on the Toto site

People who report that they do not like the Toto site

There are several types of scam reports.

Users should not swear by these articles unconditionally

Using a company that can thoroughly verify data with good data, such as our Toto Center,

I hope you do a hack test.

If you have any questions about the Toto site eating scam report, please use the 24-hour
customer center .

※ Damage can be prevented in various forms and by using a safety certification company

Let's create a condition that can be rescued when damage occurs ※