How the scam site evolved
How can I prevent scams?

Anyone who has joined the Toto site for the first time will think of this.

"Is this a safe Toto site or a scam site?"

To enjoy safe Toto and betting, you must first sign up for a safe major site and use it.

If you have already signed up and are using the site, the site you are currently using is

You can easily check whether it is a scam site or not.

Even now, you do not have to know the reality that many scam sites are being created and disappeared.

※ Type of scam site ※

1. Copy site

Among the numerous Toto sites, the major site has a lot of banner advertisements and is a site that attracts people's eyes.

However, by making the same major sites and operating them as a so-called copy site,

There are times when you are cheating.

Recently, it has started to appear in a random order.

The reality is that it is difficult for ordinary users to distinguish whether this is a copy site or an existing major site.

When using the Toto site, please check the address that can be accessed at all times.

2. Deposit and eat at the same time

It is similar to a copy site.

Most of the copy sites will be withdrawn from the venture upon deposit.

It often causes slaughter damage.

3. Winning money scam site

As a site where users can bet after winning the bet, they eat it.

This is a typical scam site that has existed before.

Check whether the site you are using has turned into a scam site through continuous Googling.

Please always check to prevent damage from eating and drinking.

※ Damage can be prevented in various forms and by using a safety certification company

Let's create a condition that can be rescued when damage occurs ※