Top 5 domestic Toto communities

Where do users who are new to the Toto site see the score of the match I bet on?

Where should I do the minigame analysis? you will think

We have prepared a list of useful analysis sites and various community sites when using the Toto site.

The sites below have been organized into sports analysis-oriented sites and mini-game analysis-oriented communities.

You can use it by selecting a location that suits you.

1. LIVESCORE (Live Score)

토토커뮤니티, 라이브스코어, 토토센터.PNG

livescore (livescore)

Features: Legal platform, 1.5 generation sports community, Powerball game analyzer


▶ Since the chat window is activated, communication between users is easy.

​▶The live score function works well for sports betting

​▶When betting on soccer, you can see the team being attacked in real time like a famous overseas site.


​▶If you use aggro or agitation in the chat window, you will be banned from chatting immediately.

▶ Since it is probably legal, it is difficult to communicate with the chat window when using Private Toto.

▶ to my janraek error occurs frequently part of the site a user saw a lot. (game score error, etc.)


네임드, 토토커뮤니티. 토토센터.png

NAMED (named)

Features: 1st generation live scores, mini-games (ladders, bridge bridges, etc.)


▶ The mini-game (ladder, bridge, etc.) analysis program is well done.

​▶The sports live scores that were not there before are easy to see.

▶Unlike before, after the update, you can see the team being attacked in real time like a famous overseas site when betting on soccer.


▶ The chat window is not activated as before.

▶ Explicitly, distributors are encouraged to join the Toto site.

▶ distributors are too high.

토토센터, 토토커뮤니티, 스코어보드.png


Features: Self-match analysis possible, quick match score


▶ Matches of the team you want to bet on There are information on recent matches and data of several years.

▶ There is no chat window, so you can analyze quietly by yourself.

​▶When viewing the detailed score, you can see the goal scene in real-time.


▶ There is no chat window, so there is no communication between users.

▶ In order to use the site 100%, you must be proficient in the site.

스코어게임, 토토센터, 토토커뮤니티.png


Features: Self-match analysis possible, quick match score


▶ It has its own mini-games, such as Idari and Samdari.

​▶ There is a chat window, so communication between users is possible.

▶ Since it is a site dedicated to real-time mini-game analysis, it is easy to view the results of the mini-game.


▶ There is no sports score.

▶ Distributors are very hard on the invitation to join.

▶ There are no users because the chat window is not active.

베픽, 토토센터, 토토커뮤니티.png


Features: New community, fast server response time


▶ As a new community such as real-time and live sports, it is well activated.

▶ It is the most active among existing real-time analysis sites.

▶ Real-time games, live sports scores, and statistics of all games used on the Toto site are provided.


​▶When you chat in the chat window, you receive messages from countless distributors.

▶ Here, too, the sole proprietors are strongly encouraged to join.

▶ Most of the distributors in the chat window.

6. POWERGAME (powerball game)
파워볼게임, 토토커뮤니티, 토토센터.png

POWERGAME (powerball game)

Features: Powerball middle-only, personal project possible


▶ You can receive a personal project by purchasing an item in the Powerball game called bullets. (Betting with the user's pick with a high winning rate)

​▶There is almost no solicitation from distributors to join. (Almost impossible. When exchanging personal contact information, permanent sanctions are strictly monitored.)

▶ As the name suggests, it is a top-level powerball game analysis.


​▶In order to receive picks from distributors or high-win users, you must purchase items on the site.

▶ Whether to participate in the chat in the chat window is also determined by the purchase item.

▶ There is a strong incentive to purchase items in the Powerball game.

​When using the above Toto site, when analyzing sports toto, analyzing mini games
It was a useful Toto community TOP5.
This is an article that contains my very personal opinion.
I think it will be helpful when using the Toto site. Thank you.